Aesir – a Viking meditation

I’ve just released my new album on Bandcamp. I took a long fascination with the Viking mythos, which resurfaced recently by spending way too much time in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, and freely associated music to go along with my Viking inclination. At first listen, these tracks might not conjure up images of fierce, bearded men wielding axes and swilling mead, but I assure you, that level is in there somewhere, as a subconscious treat to be discovered.

The music is, as usual, instrumental rock with a generous helping of prog mentality. On this one, the hours I spent wiggling my fingers over the fretboard of my guitar really paid off, as I’ve made a lot of progress in my soloing. I played everything you’ll hear, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, drums, percussion, as well as a ton of synths and samples from my trusty ‚puter. For those with an interest in these things, I record basic tracks in Ableton while I’m writing/improvising them, then embellish, mix and master in REAPER, simply because Ableton still sucks when used as a virtual multi-track tape machine.

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