Sep 212019


This is my first entry in a long time. Been putting off making a website, simply because I’ve been busy with better things. As my muse is currently hyper-active, I’m churning out some new tunes and reworking old ones, and I’m trying to organize them into neat little packs so that those who are interested can have access to them.

Simply put: I’ve accumulated about 450 songs, pieces, whatever you wanna cal them over the past 10 years. Some are soundtrack-ey, some are electronic, some are rock songs, some are indie songs, some are Oldfield-ish monster tunes that go on and on… and on. I’ve got tunes on Soundcloud and Bandcamp, for your perusing pleasure. So, hey! Welcome, and go check them out if you’re of a mind to enjoy some good music. Nothing like tootin’ one’s own horn, right?

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