Oct 142019

A new song, world. World, meet the new song: it’s called Early Bird. Inspiration came from a client with whom I was working. We’d scheduled another appointment, which happened to be early in the morning, at which she let out a resigned sigh. I said: “well, the early bird catches the worm”, to which she quipped: “I HATE worms!”

I’m sure that joke has been done a thousand times before, but it sparked an idea: we’re living in an age in which lots of people grow up with the myth that their future is entirely in their own hands. Just make the RIGHT decisions, and try REAL hard, and the heavens will open for you and yours. Fail to do so, however, and everything will come to ruin. And the best part: it’ll all be YOUR fault, because you were too dumb/weak/lazy/enter the vice of your choice.

I hope this uncharacteristically bright tune will rid you of this dangerous misconception. At the very least, you may clap along, the verse is in 6/4, and the chorus in good old 4/4 so you may clap with impunity.

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